La Vié Exquise

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I didn’t really want to go out tonight, but I went out because I had to. And despite the fact everyone was lovely and I was shouted a drink and we managed to get things done, it was just lonely to and from the city. I don’t remember hopping on the train or hopping off, just being at Townhall suddenly. I’m hoping it’s just a side effect of the strength of the antibiotics I’m on, not symptoms from this infection. I’m having difficultly concentrating and I can’t deal with feeling foggy. And I was so angry for so long today after some stranger grabbed my left butt cheek as if it were some play-toy. The crowd at the station was so thick that I couldn’t even figure out who it was to tell them off. My skin was crawling for two hours. And now it feels like something is just sitting in my throat and festering.

I just want warm cuddles whilst I fall asleep.

Everything is acidic.